Get all your devices in sync with Microsoft 365

It still amazes us how many businesses use email addresses on domains such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Blueyonder etc. Even businesses that already have smart websites and branding are guilty of this. Which do you think looks best?

We can help sort out all your email requirements with either simple POP3 accounts, or by switching you over to the full-on power of Microsoft 365.

If you use emails, contacts and calendars on more than one device, switching to Microsoft Exchange is almost a no-brainer, with prices starting at £3.00 + VAT per month per 50GB mailbox. It works fantastically well. All your devices will stay in sync automatically. Even if you lost all your devices, you have the comfort of knowing that everything is backed up in the cloud. In this scenario, all you would do is replace your devices, sign in, and everything would download again. Even with no devices you jump on any web browser and access everything that way.

Microsoft 365