Database Development

Sometimes a potential customer will come to us with a new business idea, or simply wanting to get more from their website than off-the-shelf packages can provide.

As time passes, there is an ever-increasing number of software applications that can be bought and configured to perform a multitude of functions and tasks. If you find one of these and want us to install, configure and host it, great! We will happily work with you to get you up and running with your chosen application.

Cloud Database

However sometimes, what you are looking for just does not exist. Your requirements are so specific to your business, and even though you may have found some packages that come close to your needs, close isn’t good enough. You need your own software that does exactly what you need.

If you fall in to this category, we would take a look at the market place to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and also check that there isn’t a way to develop add-in or plug-in functionality to round out available software to your specific needs. If this can be done, you will save yourself a lot of time and development costs, because developing software from scratch can be extremely expensive, and you would need deep pockets! For anything remotely complex, we would probably be looking at a starting price of £10,000 + VAT. So, we would suggest that it is a last resort from your point of view, but if you really need it, we’ve done and continue to develop some great systems for a few special customers over the years, and would be happy to provide references.