Designed and maintained by an experienced teacher

E-Limelight has been developing websites for local Primary Schools in Bristol and South Gloucestershire since it began in 1999, and the service we offer is quite unique. Your new school website will become a focus to which existing parents, prospective parents, pupils, staff and governors will turn to for up-to-date information. View our Primary School websites…

And that’s the key. We’ve come across so many school websites where a lot of money has been spent on the initial build, but then no one has time to update it often enough, and it’s surprising just how quickly a school’s website can become out-of-date. Maybe you’re one of these schools. You had every intention of dedicating staff resources to keeping your shiny new website up-to-date, but let’s face it, teachers and administration staff are already hugely over-stretched, and any initial enthusiasm to update the website regularly quickly wanes.

Quite often we are contacted when schools are anticipating an OFSTED inspection, and they know their existing website isn’t going to tick all their boxes. The statutory requirements for a school website are quite onerous now, and we help get and keep you on the straight and narrow. Even during an inspection we can quickly add any missing documents an Inspector might require.

View our Primary School Websites
We have a dedicated school specialist, Clare Lester, who as well as creating and maintaining all our school websites over the last 16 years, was, until recently, herself a part-time primary school teacher at senior management level. Her teaching background gives her a deep insight into what schools require from their websites. Primary school websites should show a full range of curriculum subjects and a wide selection of other activities. During the build and ongoing maintenance of a website, Clare will constantly strive for a good balance of content, and if there are elements missing, she will nag you to fill the gaps! Clare is also very hot on ensuring all DfE requirements are met, which gives you a head start when OFSTED come a-knocking!
Depending on the size of your school, the starting price for the design and build of a new website is from £2,500 + VAT. If you are shopping around, make sure you compare like with like. Our price includes visiting the school (if local), taking pictures and collecting any other content we agree should go on the new website. Armed with that, we build you a fully loaded website, not just a shell. Your website will go live without you having to upload anything yourself!

Once live, we keep your school website updated, meaning you don’t have to struggle to find staff resources to do this. It’s almost like we’re sitting in the corner of your office as an extra member of staff! Typical update tasks include newsletter uploads, and the upload and organising of new photos from events and outings etc., as well as the creation of new pages and the updating of school policy documents etc. If required, your governors can share documents in a protected area accessible only via a login.

The cost of our maintenance service starts at £80 + VAT per month, and is billed 3 times a year in February, June and October to keep admin to a minimum for both of us.

If you’re looking to completely offload the worry of running a primary school website, then our service is definitely for you. Why not give Clare a ring or complete the contact form and tell us about your proposed project. We look forward to hearing from you.