E-Limelight owns and runs its own servers, located on a 1GB Internet connection at a data centre in Cheltenham. Our clients benefit by their website not being just one of hundreds squeezed on to a single server. It also means if there is ever a problem with your website, you can talk to us directly and don’t have to ring some distant call centre.

Almost exclusively, the websites we host are the ones we have developed for our clients. However, we occasionally get desperate calls from businesses that just want to deal with someone local for their hosting. They’ve usually had a bad experience with a large company, or can’t get the flexibility they want.

If you are considering moving hosting provider, why not talk to us first? We can accommodate most hosting requirements. If your web application is resource hungry, you might want to consider having one of our fast Virtual Machines.

To discuss your requirements, give Steve a call on 0117 214 0167.