Full domain management service

You can buy a domain yourself through dozens of online companies very cheaply, but then what? We always suggest that clients to talk to us before buying any domain. There are two reasons for this.

  • The domain name you are thinking of may not be the only one you should consider. Choosing a good domain name is a bit of an art, and there are many angles to consider. Is it keyword rich? Is it short? Does it contain punctuation? How easy is it to spell out to someone on the phone? Should I go for “.com”, a “co.uk” or even one of the hundreds of new top level domains like “.london”? Most probably you will want a combination to protect your brand.
  • After we’ve helped you confirm your domain name strategy, it’s quickest and simplest if we buy the domain on your behalf, registered to you or your business of course! (It’s much rarer now, but we still come across older domains being transferred to us that are not correctly registered to the person or business that bought it, but to the Internet company that registered it!)

Our Service Standards as a Nominet Member

As a proud member of Nominet, E-Limelight takes great care in buying, managing and renewing customers’ .uk domains on their behalf through Nominet, and to their high standards.

Our Nominet Commitments

E-Limelight is a member of Nominet